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No matter where you are in the world or what surfases you are coating Sherwin Williams provides innovative solutions that assure your sucess. Sherwin Williams is the third largest paint and coatings company in the world

Sherwin Williams

Caring for our world and our people is truly a hallmark of Sherwin-Williams. It is a commitment that was born with our company back in 1866, and spelled out by our founders, Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. They believed that it was our calling to manufacture and market innovative products while still operating a safe, clean and friendly workplace and observing the highest ethical standards in business. That is why it is with great pride that we share this, our first, Corporate Social Responsibility Report with you — a report that will demonstrate the actions behind our beliefs.

So, what does Corporate Social Responsibility mean to a company that is a global leader in the manufacturing, development and distribution of coatings? First and foremost, it means acting in a way that reduces our impact on the world around us. Although we can never fully eliminate our footprint on the environment, we can and will strive to reduce it. Throughout this report, you’ll see quantifiable examples of this. We’ve challenged ourselves to capture how we act as a company, employer, citizen and steward, and we’ve given metrics to those actions. In most cases, this is the first concerted effort to report on many of the metrics we’re using.

Behind the numbers is something even more impressive: the work of our people. It’s the programs we’ve implemented at the grassroots level that have made a dramatic change, and it’s the work of every individual in the field that assures these programs are fully embraced. Whether it be implementing a new colorant packaging or developing our company-wide EcoVision initiative that challenges every employee to reduce our impact on the environment, we come together to make change happen. Best of all, these examples are good for not only the environment and our communities— but also our business and the needs of our customers, consumers and shareholders. Once again, we are proving that it is possible to thrive fiscally while acting responsibly.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation is nothing new. It’s one reason we already offer the most comprehensive line of green products of any coatings company. Ground breaking innovations from as early as the 1940s, when we introduced Kem-Tone® — the first water-based paint — to our latest water based automotive coating AWX®, are proof that acting responsibly is business as usual at Sherwin-Williams. We’re pleased with the results we’ve captured thus far, and know that the future holds even more progress. When it comes to implementing and exploring sustainable practices and acting as a good corporate citizen.

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