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If you are an established small technology business in Connecticut looking to hire interns, the new Technology Talent Bridge Internship Program can help make it happen!

Due to the high volume of requests, all applications for summer internships must be received by May 1.

The Technology Talent Bridge Internship Program is intended to develop stronger university-industry collaborations in Connecticut for the purpose of strengthening our workforce and retaining our talent in the state.

Given Connecticut’s interest in developing and retaining talent, interns should ideally have a pathway to future employment in local industry or in the state’s research institutions.

A participating student intern should be actively enrolled and pursuing an Associate’s degree or certificate program at a Community College or a bachelors (Junior and Senior level only), masters, PhD or post graduate degree at a Connecticut higher education institution. Internships will not be subsidized by CI after graduation. Students who are Connecticut residents but attend out of state colleges or universities are also eligible for summer internships.

Program Execution:

  • All internships are required to be employee relationships, reported with a W-2 form. Independent contractor relationships (1099) are not allowed.
  • Technology Talent Bridge Internship funds of up to $25,000 are available to cover the hourly costs of student interns at the rate of $15/hour for undergraduates and $25/hour for graduate students
  • A fifty percent match (up to $12,500) is required from the company.
  • Internships during the academic year should generally be on a part-time basis-typically 10-15 hours per week- so as not to conflict with other academic work and should also be consistent with the policies of the student’s institution.
  • Companies are required to be in compliance with all applicable employment and other laws and regulations.
  • Companies must be in business for at least one year and registered as a business in Connecticut with the Secretary of State (SOS) prior to submittal of a project plan and budget. For companies that have moved or set up operations in Connecticut within the last 12 months, evidence of prior registration in another state will be accepted.
  • Small businesses must be less than 500 employees.
  • Prior to the execution of a standard agreement, the company will be required to provide letters of good standing from the Connecticut Department of Labor, Department of Revenue Services and Secretary of State. (See Detailed Instructions)

The program was designed to:

  • stimulate job creation through innovation.
  • encourage the connection of curricula and industry-related skills through experiential learning.
  • provide stronger linkages between Connecticut companies and university students before they graduate, reducing the likelihood of graduates leaving the state or having more difficulty finding quality jobs.
  • facilitate post graduation hiring of students by Connecticut companies.

After viewing the terms and conditions, if you would like to participate, please email the completed application and budget documents to

For Previous Grant winners:

Additional Review will include:

  • Were the previous interns hired?
  • Was there timely, complete and accurate reporting?
  • Feedback from students
  • Were all the goals/milestones met for the project?

Cross the Technology Talent Bridge today !

All new grants are subject to review and availability of funds.

  • Terms and Conditions - Click Here
  • Application Form - Click Here
  • Budget Form - Click here
  • Job Description Outline - Click Here (optional-if you do not have an intern and would like to have your job posted by local colleges/universities)

How to Start

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions found above.
  2. Fill out Application and Budget form above, then email the two documents to -(you must have the intern identified before turning in your application)
  3. If you do NOT already have interns identified, please complete the job description form and email it to We will send out your job description to all Connecticut universities and colleges.
  4. Review and download the How to Request Letter of Good Standing.
  5. Email all your Letters of Good Standing to
  6. Once the Application and Budget are filled in and emailed, the project is reviewed and scored by an outside Reviewer Group and you will receive an email with approval or not. (Usually takes one week).
  7. Project Funding agreement (All Letters of Good Standing must be received).
  8. Project Starts
May 24 Wed

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