Southern Connecticut Science & Engineering Foundation

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(SCSEF) seeks to inspire and educate students by encouraging inquiry and exploration in science and engineering, and by exposing students to exciting and practical advances in science. SCSEF's founders believe that solid training in the principles of science and engineering gives students problem-solving skills that will serve them well in whatever future careers they may pursue. The founders' experiences have convinced them that their own training in science and engineering provided them with the basis for their own successful careers..

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October 10

Deborah Day @Southern Connecticut Science & Engineering Foundation in reply to Barb Lesh: Thank you, Barb. I've invited members of the SCSEF Board to join iHub

9 years ago

Mission Statement

SCSEF advocates for the study, understanding and practice of science and engineering, and seeks to inspire and educate students, academics, parents and other members of our communities.

P.O. Box 5208
Westport CT 06881
(914) 525-7623