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Who are we?

Since 1983, the Pittsburgh Technology Council has been the principal point of connection for companies from four primary clusters of the technology industry that are represented by a critical mass of businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania including, the Advanced Manufacturing / Materials, Green Technology, Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors.

Bottom line – we’re here to serve you – Pittsburgh Technology Council members.

Talent. Business development. Government Relations. Visibility. It is the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s mission to empower our members through these four core service areas. Over the last year, we have streamlined our capabilities based on member feedback to provide the most value by connecting them with direct business building opportunities and the essential resources that they need for business growth. With this model, we are not only providing the most value to our technology members, but we are simultaneously moving our region forward through a sustainable, cluster-based approach to technology-based economic development.

While no exact blueprint exists, we are privileged enough to work with companies who are driving this region’s future. The success of any company hinges upon the application of technology. Pittsburgh is on the cusp on regaining international prominence, but we will never achieve this without several close-knit, technology-driven clusters producing marketable innovations on a world-class level. Without a doubt, we are better positioned than many regions in this regard with competencies in several emerging industries including next generation hardware and software, entertainment technology, robotics, sensors, tissue engineering, medical devices and advanced manufacturing. However, to truly move this region forward, deeply integrated, vibrant communities must exist and grow within each of these cluster areas.

With this in mind, I believe that the current economic backdrop presents a very unique opportunity for our members to retrench and outmaneuver competitors in the marketplace. As part of our new value proposition, the Council is committed to fostering a fertile, interconnected environment where technology companies, no matter what size, can grow, make connections and do business with one another. I know that we will look back collectively upon this time in Pittsburgh’s history as a turning point driven by innovation and new technology commercialization.

Accordingly, we realize that there is much more work ahead of us, and like you, we are continuously improving our methods, measuring our results, being fiscally prudent and taking decisive strides as we move ahead. I promise that the exciting new relationships we have created in the last year and our streamlined approach to member service is just the beginning.

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2000 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15219
(412) 687-2700