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Who are we?

Northeast Utilities operates New England’s largest utility system serving more than 3.5 million electric and natural gas customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. NU is dedicated to this region, as well as the people, energy and technology so vital to its security, stability and economic strength.
Norheast Utilities
Like our vision, our business strategy is simple and highly focused. Our strategy is to:

Invest in and operate our regulated businesses to benefit our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our strategy is focused on developing our regulated electric and natural gas businesses successfully. Success means that we find ways to optimize our investments and operations to ensure that each of our key stakeholders benefit. This requires excellence in planning, teamwork and execution.

Our vision was designed to provide strategic context for the entire NU family, yet be flexible enough to embrace the unique goals and objectives of each local operating company and organization within NU.

This requires alignment at all levels across NU. To be successful, the goals, objectives and operating plans of each local operating company and organization must be aligned with our vision and our core strategy.

Our core values
To be true to our vision, we must continue to embrace our core values. These values are foundational and are at the heart of who we are and how we operate.

Our core values include:

  • Safety first in all our actions
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Respect for diversity
  • Superior customer and community service
  • Providing a stimulating workplace
  • Environmental stewardship

Our community
Successful relationships require a commitment to work together, to come together as a team, and to come together as a community. The success of our vision, our business strategy and our community involves NU employees adhering to certain principles, including:

  • Working, thinking and acting safely
  • Treating each other fairly and with respect
  • Coming together as a team
  • Helping to achieve our goals
  • Being accountable and responsible
  • Finding ways to connect, contribute and communicate
  • Being open to learning and growing
  • Sharing the good things we’re doing

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Hartford Headquarters - 50 Prospect Street
Hartford CT 06103
(800) 286-5000