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Tips for Discussion_QA Session

Tips on how to make the most of the Discussion Forums or Q&A Session

When a topic is written, there are several features:

  • Topics can be marked as Sticky: These topics appear above all other topics when viewing the list of topics... they stick to the top of the list.
  • Topics can be marked as Locked: These topics no longer allow for replies.
  • Topics and Replies can include approved HTML, including Images, Videos, Bold/Italics/Underline and Lists.
  • Topics and Replies can include file attachments.
  • Topics can be marked as a question.
  • See also: Creating a Discussion or QA Session
Creating a Discussion - ... while tracking the answers, Q&A style

When you ask a question in the Q&A area, mark the new topic as a question - this will help you track answers.
Choose the option:


When a topic is marked as a question, that means that the author of the topic is seeking an answer to a question.

As users post replies, it is up to the Administrator, the Moderator of the Forum, or the Original Author of the post to decide if/when any of the responses qualifies as the answer to the question.

Questions show differently in the list of topics, and they also indiciate as to whether the topic is answered or unanswered. When a reply is to be marked as answering the question, the topic will appear as answered.

How Do I Know There is a Question that Needs to be Answered?

When a discussion / QA Session is started, members are notified multiple ways - through their email alert direct from their login email with activity from the group, a notice pops up in the overview "Recent Activity" on the private project homepage.

QA in recent activity.JPG

Also, in the Discussion / QA Session main page, if the question is unanswered there will be a question mark next to the topic under "Recent Discussion."

Forum_under recent discussions.JPG

From the Topic List, an answered question is marked with a green check mark, and an unanswered question has a brown question mark symbol.

QA answered.JPG

Replying to a Question

Not only can you ask questions, but this area allows others to answer or comment. A user will see 'Post a Reply' below the original post. Fill in the field with your reply and hit 'Save'.

Marking a Question as Answered / Rating a Reply

The Original Author, the Forum Moderator or the Administrator will see an option to rate the reply.
Choose this option to mark the reply as the answer.

0_rate this.JPG

There are a few of options for rating a reply:


Mark the reply as "Answers the question" to give credit to the reply. The reply will visually appear as the reply that answers the question. Marking a reply as 'Helpful' is encouraging to the user that made the post, but that reply may not be the answer to the question.

At this time, a message is required when rating the reply. This message shows up as a reply to the question and is useful for thanking the user that answered the original question.

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