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How to create a Business, Agency, University or Organization Listing

How to Create a Business, Agency, Organization, or University:

  • To get started click on the category that you wish to create an entry in from the main navigation bar.


  • Under each category page, you should see a “Add a ******” button.


  • Once you have clicked the “Add” button, you will be prompted to fill in the required information about the listing you are creating. While not required, we urge you to fill out the complete form to provide more information.


This includes:

  • Listing name
  • A short description
  • Search keywords
  • Once you have created a profile, you will be prompted with the following information.

A few things to note:

  • Only the owner or an authorized member can manage a profile.
  • We will confirm authorization either through phone or email, this usually takes no longer then two business days.

Once you have been given access, you may modify the profile as you wish. Please visit our other FAQs for information on how to set up and manage your new profile.

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