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How to Integrate Facebook & Twitter

The Connecticut iHUB currently has limited integration with social networking including Twitter and Facebook. In this document we will be covering the features offered for these two social networks.

The best place to start integrating your existing social network is directly through your profile.


  • Clicking the “Update Information” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen will bring up a pop up with a listing of information.


  • Here you may enter your Facebook & Twitter information. While not currently directly supported, please feel free to update any other social media venues you use.

Moving on lets highlight some of the ways you can share via social media on the iHUB.

  • On the main iHUB page, you should see this box:


  • Any messages posted to twitter with the hashtag #ctihub will display to multiple locations on the site. This is a great way to share thoughts, links or information and reach a broad audience.
  • You may also share any news or events you find interesting via your Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  • On events pages you can do this via the integration area on the right hand side. This will also let you "like" things if you have a linked Facebook account.


  • To share a news article please scroll to the bottom, you will see a similar integration area. This will allow you to share any news stories you find interesting.


Please be sure to check back frequently, as we will continue to add more integration to existing social networks.

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