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Features of Private Collaboration Spaces

Private collaboration spaces (Project Spaces):

  • Control of members who have access
  • Ability to share documents and uploaded new versions while keeping the version numbers under control
  • Add calendar events... Meetings, events, conferences, etc Set up a project plan..
  • Project Planning-- assign tasks to people, timelines, notes to schedule, etc .
  • Q&A forum for all members to post questions and answers and others who are members have the ability to comment as well.
  • Share photos and Videos.
  • Do webcasts
  • Have an Open Meeting (like webex)
  • Blog about the project with other members.
  • Send email to all members or just those you choose Activity updates to your email address. You pick how frequently. (frequently, daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Directly from Activity update email you can go into the iHUB to the particular activity that occurred--new document uploaded, new blog, new question, etc...

Contact us to have a private collaboration space created for you and to do a personal walk through of this powerful collaboration tool.

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