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Create a News_Blog Post

Guide to Status :

  • Begin by clicking “My Blog” on a personal profile, or “News” on a business or organization profile. This will take you to the main “News” area”.


  • Here you will see a view of any current events for the month. To create a new event, click the “Add a Post” button.


  • The pop up window is the tool used to create a new event.

The subject and summary fields are the first two options. Subject is the name of your event, and the summary is what will be displayed to anyone browsing. Try and make this field as informative as possible as it will be the first thing users see.


  • Once you have filled in the subject and summary, it is time to move on to the body. This is for any additional information and the main description of your event. Below you may also enter a start date for your publication if you wish to publish it at a future time.


  • The “Category” drop down menu will let your organize your postings for easier reference.
  • Default there are no categories, to create or edit available categories click the Add/Modify Categories button. The image below shows an empty category selection.
  • Add Categories.pngTo add categories enter a name under “Description” and click the “Add” button. Once added, you may use the up/down buttons to reorder, the rename button to change an existing category or remove to delete a category. Once completed, make sure to click “Save” to finish your changes.
  • Categories Populated.pngOnce you are completed you may publish your event, save as a draft, save for future review or cancel and exit to the calendar screen.


Once your event has been created, it will now appear in your news section. You may edit, delete or categorize for future use.

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