Econ. Development Corp. of New Haven

  • 195 Church Street 14th floor
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • 06510
  • (203) 785-1000

About this...

EDC of New Haven is a private, independent corporation with the goal of attracting and retaining businesses in New Haven. The EDC is leading the New Haven Innovation Hub, part of the State’s Innovation Ecosystem.

The EDC and New Haven Innovation Hub seek to attract high potential start-ups, entrepreneurs, and Stage 2 companies to New Haven to build and expand their businesses. The Hub will offer a selection of programs to start-up and Stage 2 technology companies, falling into four broad categories: space/facilities, talent development, mentoring/education, and access to capital.

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195 Church Street 14th floor
New Haven Connecticut 06510
(203) 785-1000