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Connecticut Innovations provides strategic capital and operational insight to push the frontiers of high-tech industries such as energy, biotechnology, information technology, and photonics. Over the years, CI has helped over 100 emerging companies research, develop, and market new products and services. This activity has attracted over $1 billion dollars in additional investments from private equity providers. CI has brought the State of Connecticut over $510 million in Gross State Profit and over 5,000 additional job-years.
  • Contact Information: (860) 563-5851 . . . .
  • Location: Rocky Hill, CT
  • Services: Provide strategic capital & operational insight
  • Area(s) Served: Connecticut
Tomorrow is Today

The health, security, and prosperity of the people of Connecticut is inextricably linked to our state's ability to solve problems.

  • Ideas that improve health.
  • Ideas that increase prosperity while helping to restore the natural environment.
  • Ideas that make work more productive and life more rewarding.

Connecticut Innovations identifies, evaluates, and nurtures emerging companies with just such ideas. Connecticut Innovations provides early-stage funding to companies across a broad range of industries through equity and equity-related investments that will spur growth. We are often the first institutional investor which often attracts additional investors.

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865 Brook Street
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