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Connecticut Innovations provides debt financing and investment capital to help businesses grow in Connecticut. We stimulate business investment and create jobs by financing companies and projects that: Enhance the state's industrial and economic base Create economically vibrant urban communities Encourage the expansion of technology intensive industries Rejuvenate environmentally contaminated commercial and industrial properties Increase state and local tax revenues
  • Location: Rocky Hill, CT
  • Services: Debt financing & investment capital
  • Area(s) Served: Connecticut


The Connecticut Development Authority (CDA) was established as a quasi-public entity by the General Assembly on October 1, 1973. On July 1, 2012, the CDA was merged with Connecticut Innovations.

CI provides debt financing and investment capital to help businesses grow in Connecticut when borrowers are unable to satisfy lenders’ standard loan underwriting criteria.

CI stimulates business investment and retains & creates jobs by financing companies and projects that contribute to Connecticut’s economy, technology base, intellectual capital, urban infrastructure, employment or tax revenues.

Credit Enhancement Programs

CI offers assistance through:

·CAPEX Line-of-Credit-to-Term

·Loan Guarantees

·Junior Participating Loans

·Direct Loans

·URBANK Loan Guarantees for Small, Minority & Women-Owned Urban Businesses

·Financial Incentives for Technology Intensive Projects

·Financial Incentives for Brownfields Redevelopment

·Direct, Senior or Mezzanine Loans for Early Stage Businesses

·Industrial Revenue Bonds

·Sales Tax Relief for the Construction of Major Projects

Recent Activity

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999 West Street
Rocky Hill CT 06067
(860) 258-7800

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