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Uses of Tungsten And Tungsten Alloys

Posted by Cathie Montanez on August 22, 2019 7:20 AM EDT
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Stanford Advanced Materials supplies high-quality tungsten products to meet our customers' R&D and production needs.


Equipment manufacturing industry 

The high hardness and good wear resistance of tungsten makes it the best material for making the industrial mold. With the continuous development of the tungsten alloy industry and the production of new cemented carbide products, the status of tungsten alloys in the mold manufacturing industry is increasingly prominent. Apart from making molds for equipment manufacturing, tungsten also plays an important role in other areas of the national economy.

Military industry

Tungsten steel can be used to make guns, tanks and the parts that gunpowder contacts within other weapons and equipment; the combustion chambers, fuel nozzles, turbine guide vanes, turbine rotor blades, etc. of aero-jet engines are made of tungsten alloys; it can improve the performance of projectile by using tungsten heavy alloy to make penetrator. The inertial components of the gyroscope made of high gravity tungsten alloy can improve the stability and control precision of the instrument. For example, the aircraft's flaps, steering rudder and horizontal the tail should be balanced with weight. In some aircraft, the high proportion of tungsten alloy used for weight distribution amounts to several hundred kilograms. Tungsten alloy material is of great importance to the development of modern aerospace, aviation and navigation.

Steel Industry

Tungsten is an important alloy element in the iron and steel industry, which can improve the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of steel. Tungsten-containing hard alloys (tungsten carbide) is hard, resistant to wear, corrosion and heat, and are used to make drills, cutting tools, and high-temperature parts; tungsten-copper (or tungsten-silver) alloys containing 60 ~ 90% tungsten are an excellent contact materials and can be used as electric keys, cutter switches, circuit breakers and spot welding electrodes; the thermocouple composed of tungsten and tungsten rhenium alloy can measure the temperature range from room temperature to 2835 ; as a senior lubricated bearing lubricant, the scope of lubrication temperature of tungsten diselenide is - 217 ~ 350 .

Electric vacuum lighting material

Tungsten metal is widely used in electron tube production, radio electronics and X-ray technology in the form of tungsten wire, tungsten belt, and various forging components; the tungsten wire is used in the manufacture of the direct hot cathode and grid the electrode of the electronic oscillating tube, the cathode of high voltage rectifier and side hot cathode heater of various electronic instruments.

Tungsten compound

Tungsten compounds such as sodium tungstate are used in the production of certain types of paints and pigments, as well as cloth pieces used in the textile industry to accentuate and mix with ammonium sulfate and ammonium phosphate to make fireproof and waterproof fabrics; tungstic acid is used as a mordant and dye in the textile industry and as a catalyst for the production of high octane gasoline in the chemical industry. Tungsten disulfide is used as a solid lubricant and the catalyst in organic syntheses, such as in the preparation of synthetic gasoline; the compound pigment of tungsten is bright and durable.

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