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The Ct iHUB is a business social networking platform, focused around technology and manufacturing stakeholders, offering its members unique collaborative tools and secure access to one another. These stakeholders include: global companies (Boeing, Sikorsky etc.), government agencies (including agencies outside the US), research institutions, federal labs, universities, tech companies, and service providers that care about advancing technology, procurement, and growing their businesses.

Features of the CT iHUB:

Set up Personal Profile.

Set up Public Business Profile. (First --Do a search to see if your company has already registered with the iHUB. Someone could have already set it up.)

  • Add company info and link to website.
  • Add any upcoming events to calendar
  • Add documents to your documents folder like-- company news letters, press releases, new marketing materials for others to download, etc..
  • Add videos and photos for others to view about your company.
  • Blog about company
  • Request a private space to work with others. (more information below)
  • Add members--Invite people to follow your company. All you need is their email address.

.Private collaboration spaces (Project Spaces):

  • Control of members who have access
  • Ability to share documents and uploaded new versions while keeping the version numbers under control
  • Add calendar events... Meetings, events, conferences, etc Set up a project plan..
  • Project Planning-- assign tasks to people, timelines, notes to schedule, etc .
  • Q&A forum for all members to post questions and answers and others who are members have the ability to comment as well.
  • Share photos and Videos.
  • Do webcasts
  • Have an Open Meeting (like webex)
  • Blog about the project with other members.
  • Send email to all members or just those you choose Activity updates to your email address. You pick how frequently. (frequently, daily, weekly, or monthly)
  • Directly from Activity update email you can go into the iHUB to the particular activity that occurred--new document uploaded, new blog, new question, etc...

For a description of some of these features - click here...........

For many more features, contact us to do a personal walk through of this powerful collaboration tool.

Christine Gemelli or Barb Lesh on our CT iHUB profiles, please use the "Contact Me" on the left hand side of the page or by phone at Christine (860-257-2895) or Barb (860-257-2358)