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About the CTiHUB

The CTiHUB is a web based platform that supports activities like:

  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Partnering
  • Open Innovation
  • Mentoring
  • Student/workforce development

Primary users of the CTiHUB are businesses of all sizes focused on:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

In addition, other entities using the CTiHUB are:

  • Universities
  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies

CT needs to create and keep profitable businesses and jobs.

CT needs college students to find jobs so they will stay in CT.

CT needs to create excitement and lend support to making things, inventing things, and being entrepreneurial and innovative in thought and spirit.

CT needs to assist existing businesses in expanding and growing internationally.

The CTiHUB is a state of the art technology tool that enables CT businesses and other supportive entities in accomplishing these goals in a highly productive “do more with less” manner.

Currently the management of CTiHUB development and launch is at the CT SBI Office of Connecticut Innovations

State & Federal Grants for Small Manufacturing & Technology Companies

10am on Wed. 11/14 - a free, live webinar, Deb Santy presenting, https://www.ctihub.com/s...

The CTiHub brings exciting, LIVE events here.

If you are interested in presenting or if you have an event you would like to stream here, please contact us for more information.

Featured recorded video: 6/19 Innovation Connection: Long Island Sound

The panel topic centered on Long Island Sound, the vital estuary that lies between Connecticut’s southern shores and New York. The Sound is a recreational, tourist and economic resource generating an estimated $5 billion in annual revenue through power generation, recreation, commercial fishing and shipping. It’s also an important bellwether of the environmental health of our water resources. Click here

How to Use The CTiHub

We have a collection of webguides for all of CT iHUB Features: Click here for 'How To' instructions

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Here's what others are saying...

July 28

Louis Nizet: Attending the SBIR & Global Trade Summit was a great experience for all attendees. The event was expertly organized. Outstanding speakers generously shared important information covering the most relevant & interesting topics that are vital for anyone involved &/or wanting to get in international trade. This was also an unequaled networking opportunity for all participants. Want to learn more about it and how to increase your export sales? Call ACEofExportSale - RFTS LLC at 203-927-6545, or: rftsii@aol.com

6 years ago

July 24

Louis Nizet: Real Export business is built face to face between the people involved NOT on IP addresses & electronic exchanges. To develop substantial global success, company management has to understand that belly to belly meetings are critical. They must strategically invest in the required skills and expertise to negotiate a profitable base Do you need an experienced international trade negotiator? Don’t miss a great business opportunity Call 877-365-2748 for a complimentary discussion to discover your possibilities

6 years ago

June 19

Erizo Bartilotti: Seems to be some echo. Not sure what's up with that.

6 years ago

Cameron Bromley: Player is now up and streaming.

6 years ago

May 17

Cameron Bromley: Currently Deb Santy from the CT SBIR is speaking on various available programs. The turnout is great.

6 years ago

Cameron Bromley: Video will be posted on the iHUB in the future, both presentations have been recorded.

6 years ago

Cameron Bromley: Starting the second cast now. Folks are starting to file in and fill the auditorium.

6 years ago

David Richards: That was really interesting having the students share how their cars worked. Very nice. Will you have that eventually edited and put up somewhere for future viewing?

6 years ago

Cameron Bromley: Going offline now to set up for the Innovation Connection, stay tuned!

6 years ago

Cameron Bromley: Distance was wildly variable. Some were a couple feet, others were hitting 50-60+.

6 years ago