• 20 Church St.
  • Hartford, CT

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Upward Hartford sees a promising future for Hartford and its motivated startups, ambitious change-makers, and dedicated entrepreneurs who call this city their home. Upward Hartford is more than just a co-working space, it’s a place to work, connect, collaborate, learn, create, and play with fellow innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs!

Upward Hartford is building a community and a space where ideas can be born, projects can launch, and connections can be made. We are committed to providing our members with an inspiring and mindful workspace. Upward Hartford has taken 27,000 square feet and created an environment which encourages people to be focused, driven and creative.

We are geared to helping and nurturing small businesses, start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs in The Greater Hartford area. The hub embraces the share space and co-working movement with membership-based workspaces where diverse groups can work together in a communal setting. Come learn, work, share and flourish with us.

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