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Attention All Technology Assessment Applicants:

At this time, we have met our funding capacity for the Technology Assessment Program for calendar year 2014. Any additional applications to the program will be reviewed in early 2015. If you have any questions, please call or email Angela Caponetto at 860.257.2896 or or Roberta Rossi at 860.257.2338 or

How a Go/NoGo Technology Assessment Report Can Help You*

Go/NoGoTM Reports evaluate competitiveness, intellectual property, and marketability and can provide validation that a company's investment in an idea is sound and worthy or prevent further time and investment in an idea without good commercialization potential.

Connecticut Innovations (CI) has contracted with a technology transfer consulting firm, Foresight Science & Technology, and through that firm offers technology assessment reports (called Go/NoGo® Assessment Reports) to small, high-tech, Connecticut-based businesses (i.e., those with 500 or fewer employees). This CI initiative offers great value to innovative small businesses and has been extremely popular. CI facilitates and underwrites the production of about 30-40 such reports per year. Companies that have benefited from these confidential reports include bioscience, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials and aerospace companies – and others pursuing a wide range of product innovations. If you are interested in having this type of report prepared for you, please download the application!

Connecticut Innovations offers Go/NoGo technology assessment reports to small Connecticut companies – for a non-refundable fee of $150.00.* These 8-12 page reports are designed to validate the commercialization potential of a company’s idea by providing competitive data, marketing research, patent research, etc. Reports are provided on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability.

Bottom line: these reports can prevent companies from spending valuable time and money on ideas that don’t have a good chance of being commercialized.

Before you dive headfirst into making your product idea a reality – which we know will require a tremendous amount of time, money and energy – you may want to have a third-party expert perform a technology assessment. This type of assessment, which will give you a feel for the commercial potential of your technology, is useful either before or after you patent (or otherwise protect) your innovation. It will help you focus on where, and where not, to spend your time and money.

Technology assessments are summarized in a written report and includes information such as:
• Strength of your technology/product relative to similar technologies/products
• Related patents and implications for current competition and possible future competition
• Similar research and development, and its implications for possible future competition
• Most likely markets for your innovation
• Possible market barriers
• Potential end-product opportunities
• Potential target customers or organizations that might license or acquire your technology

Beyond helping you decide where to focus your limited resources, these reports offer a number of significant benefits. You may use the information to strengthen your grant proposals and shape your commercialization plans. Further, when meeting with prospective angel or institutional investors or with potential partners, these objective, third-party reports will add weight and lend credibility to your business strategy.

“The Go/NoGo® Assessment Report was excellent,” said Steve Domyan, co-founder of MetroCrops LLC of Norwalk, Connecticut. “The report’s executive summary was a significant piece of our commercialization plan for our Phase II SBIR proposal. This helped us win our USDA grant. Additionally, the research Foresight Science & Technology did on potential competitors helped us locate potential collaboration partners. And finally, the report’s analysis of existing technology helped us to position our IP strategy and effort.”

For more information, contact:
Angela Caponetto

* Information included is gathered by experts. Reports are non refundable.

Recent Activity

How To Apply

This program began in April 2006. Distribution is on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please make sure you have registered with CT iHUB and have signed in before applying. To apply, simply download the application and invoice and email the application back to the address provided at the top right of the application form. Note: If you are a woman-owned, minority-owned or veteran-owned business, please complete this Survey and email for review, and indicate that you are a FAST applicant in the appropriate space on the invoice and on the Set-up Form.

When you receive approval, please:

1. complete the invoice with the date and your billing information

2. send the invoice and $150 payment to:

Angela Caponetto, Project Assistant
Small Business Innovation
Connecticut Innovations
865 Brook Street, Rocky Hill, CT 06067-3444.
To apply simply download the application and email it back to the email address provided on the form.

What Kinds of Companies Are Eligible?

You must be a technology based business registered in Connecticut, with between 1 – 500 employees. Companies specifically involved in technology innovation should apply, as typically, these reports are valuable tools for technology companies and innovative manufacturers.

I Have Lots of Ideas. How Many Reports Can I Apply For?

You may apply for one report (one idea) per company. If you have received a report from this Office before you may apply again – so long as it is for a new idea.

What About Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) – I Do Not Wish to Reveal Proprietary Information?

Foresight Science and Technology, Inc. is willing to sign your NDAs.

To learn more, contact us.