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Contact InformationLori Johnson
Headquarters167 Cherry St., Suite 406, Milford, CT 06460
ServicesDiverse Supplier Development

The DSDA offers a 6-week program incorporating three core elements – mentoring, education, and hands-on support. Apply here.

  • The DSDA in collaboration with SCORE provides one-on-one mentoring to provide valuable guidance to support attainable goals that encourage business growth.
  • The DSDA offers education in core business principals to sharpen the skills and knowledge of each business owner.
  • The DSDA includes hands-on support through the University of Connecticut to connect entrepreneurs to other tools, resources and networks that are unique to the academy.

These 6 workshops are scheduled on the following dates for our Fall Curriculum scheduled to begin in September.

The DSDA applies an experiential curriculum incorporating study materials and research tied to each participating business. Each graduate will leave the academy with a briefcase of materials with immediate application and benefit.

Instructions are delivered over the course of a 6-week program. Each workshop last four hours, comprising of a short lecture and guided discussion led by a speaker knowledgeable on the topic, any supplemental resources requested by the Academy Participants, an opportunity to apply those skills to an exercise, and a debriefing session.

The educational component of the program focuses on practical aspects of running a business. The topics selected and their coverage in interactive workshops provide lessons that cannot reasonably be provided by existing online courses.

Topics include - Basic Marketing; Advanced Marketing; Customer Service; Social Media; Prep for RFP; Negotiation; Contract Law; Risk Management; Financial Planning; and Funding.

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