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Executive Summary

The DSDA seeks to equip diverse business owners (women, minorities, and veterans) with advanced business knowledge, skills and tools. The purpose of the DSDA is to bolster small business growth and increase the competitive presence in the market of participating businesses.

Vision Statement

To be a nationally recognized and highly regarded academy whose diverse business enterprise graduates show consistent and sustainable business growth.  By stimulating the growth of participating diverse businesses, the DSDA will promote job creation on the local, state, and national level.  The DSDA will be a model of excellence in business education and professional mentorship and will maintain this aspiration through its focus on continuous improvement.

Mission Statement

To equip businesses with the tools and knowledge to grow by regular and meaningful one-on-one mentorship, educational workshops on business skills, and hands-on support via resources that are unique to the DSDA.  Together, these key components of the DSDA create a holistic program to support, grow, and improve participating diverse businesses.

Economic Development Goals

The DSDA sets a long-term goal of equipping its diverse business participants with advanced business knowledge and skills that will improve their businesses’ success.  The DSDA will measure its own success based on its performance in:

  • Increasing the number of diverse businesses bidding on work for DSDA-sponsoring companies
  • Increasing the market presence of diverse suppliers
  • Promoting job creation within diverse vendor businesses
  • Reducing the cost of purchased goods and services by increasing overall supplier competition
  • Improving the economic health of the local region through diverse supplier growth
  • Increasing the number of full-time employees supported by DSDA graduates

Community Development Goals

The DSDA will serve businesses that are owned and operated by one or more minorities, women, or veterans.  The community development goals of the DSDA include:

  • Achieving a diverse supplier market penetration rate that is proportional to the demographics of the communities served by the DSDA’s sponsoring companies
  • Making business and industrial knowledge accessible to business owners that may not have had the opportunity to gain the education required to aggressively compete in their target markets
  • Creating jobs as the graduate businesses grow and increase their revenues and profits


Our Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of experienced professionals that propel the vision of DSDA. Our Board includes:

  • Mark Cutler
  • Ellen Angey
  • John Prete
  • Jim Scannell

Their bios can be found here