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BASF is looking for sustainable innovations that address biggest problems related to Resources, Environment and Climate, Food & Nutrition, and Quality of Life. As a chemical and materials science company together with our innovation partners we provide solutions for Transportation, Construction, Consumer Goods, Health & Nutrition, Electronics, Agriculture and Energy & Resources industries.

BASF areas of interest include:

Batteries for mobility, lightweight composites, heath management, enzymes, medical, organic electronics, plant biotechnology, functional crop care, energy management, rare earth metals recycling, wind energy and water solutions. Innovations in raw material change, white biotechnology, materials systems and nanotechnology are also of interest to us.

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The Boeing International organization is focused on creating a competitive advantage through presence, efficiency, and compliance.

Boeing is currently interested in four key technology areas:
  • Airframe Structures
  • Sensors, Fusion and Exploitation
  • Command, Control and Communication
  • Cyber and Information Assurance

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Hamilton Sundstrand

A global corporation with various business units that design, manufacture and support aerospace and industrial products for worldwide markets. The company's aerospace business provides electric power generating, distribution, management and control systems; fuel and special fluid pumps; engine control systems; gearboxes; primary and secondary flight controls and actuation systems; ram air turbine emergency systems; auxiliary power units; environmental control systems; propeller systems; torpedo propulsion systems; launch vehicle hydraulic power units; electronic controls.

Hamilton Sundstrand is interested in these key technology areas:
  • Motor controllers
  • Electric actuation
  • High temperature electronics
  • Sensors
  • Digital databus architectures
  • Mass flow meters
  • Advanced materials

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Our success in the global marketplace is the result of our commitment to continued investment in America's future. That's been our philosophy since we opened our doors here in 1959. It's what we believe in. It's what you expect, and it's why we will continue to grow in America.

Honda is currently interested in these key technology areas:
  • 3rd generation photovoltaic
  • Energy storage / battery
  • Advanced materials

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Lockheed Martin

As a global security, aerospace, and information technology company, the majority of Lockheed Martin's business is with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. federal government agencies. In fact, Lockheed Martin is the largest provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the U.S. Government. The remaining portion of Lockheed Martin's business is comprised of international government and some commercial sales of our products, services and platforms

Lockheed Martin is currently interested in the following technology areas:
  • Direct manufacturing (electron beam and additive)
  • Robotic drilling
  • Non-contact metrology
  • Fastener, filling, sealing, and drilling processes and technologies

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Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide. Our core competencies are aligned with the current and future needs of our customers and address emerging global security challenges in key areas, such as unmanned systems, cybersecurity, C4ISR, and logistics that are critical to the defense of the nation and its allies.

Northrop Grumman is currently interested in the following technology areas:
  • Vehicle Autonomy
  • Mission Autonomous Systems
  • Information Exploitation Technologies
  • Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Systems
  • Secure / Reliable Communications
  • C2 Interoperability Systems
  • Network System Operations
  • Cybersecurity Technologies
  • Power Management Technologies

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PPG Industries, Inc.

is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, chemicals, glass and fiber glass. It is our vision to continue to be the world’s leading coatings and specialty products company, serving customers in the industrial, construction, consumer products, and transportation markets/aftermarkets. PPG has manufacturing facilities and equity affiliates in more than 60 countries around the globe.

PPG Industries is currently interested in the following technology areas:
  • Coatings to protect surfaces from corrosion
  • Lower energy cure coatings
  • Multi-functional (smart) coatings
  • Lightweight materials
  • Materials for energy storage solutions

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Pratt & Whitney

Our broad range of technology projects is aimed at enhancing gas turbine fuel efficiency through advanced system architecture, improved component performance and light weight, high strength materials while implementing the lowest cost manufacturing solutions. Below is an innovation that Pratt & Whitney is pursuing right now.

P&W is focused on the following key technology areas:

  • Structural & Smart Materials & Structural Mechanics
  • Sensor Systems
  • Noise Reduction
  • Signature Related Materials
  • Propulsion & Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Processes/Design Tools/Techniques
  • Energy Storage

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The mission of Sikorsky Innovations is to develop and mature the technologies, products and processes that will redefine the future of vertical flight. In pursuit of this goal, Sikorsky Innovations is maturing a broad range of advanced technologies, including the X2 Technology™ demonstrator, aware and adaptive aircraft systems, and optionally piloted aircraft.

Companies interested in meeting with Sikorsky should be prepared to discuss exactly how their work aligns with one (or more) of the six areas in the following technology areas:
  • Aware and adaptive aircraft technology, which can lead to significantly lower operating costs for the operators of helicopters, including via enhanced product lifecycle support
  • Autonomy, unmanned systems technology, robotics and enhanced man-unmanned teaming to help us develop and field “smarter” and safer helicopters operating in challenging environmental conditions and terrains
  • Aircraft safety-enhancing technologies and processes that can make rotorcraft operation even safer than they are today
  • Rapid prototyping of full or partial rotorcraft development programs
  • Clean technology that can make our helicopters or their development even more environmentally friendly and sustainable, including alternative power and fuels
  • Significantly speeding up and reducing the costs of development program via the use of advanced processes and technology including component qualification and/or certification.

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