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Company Overview

Nerac Inc. is a global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Nerac provides expert insights that equip clients with the knowledge to develop or refine a technology, explore market growth opportunities, evaluate intellectual property strategies and respond to regulatory changes.Nerac has approximately 1,200 clients worldwide and a long, successful consulting history in a wide-range of industries with a strong focus in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical device, energy and specialty chemicals.

Nerac's services enable clients to quickly expand their in-house research operation with exceptional expertise and scalable capability. While many consulting and outsourcing firms focus on serving large project customers, Nerac is one of the few firms in the market focused on providing an attractive choice for clients seeking rapid response research and advisory services for smaller, mission-critical engagements that require highly experienced expert advisors.

Nerac clients enjoy:

  • Seamless teaming of expert Nerac analysts with client staff as trusted, dependable, accountable partners
  • Straightforward, flexible engagements that enable rapid progress from client need to impactful results
  • High-impact research services tailored to client scope, timing and budget requirements
  • Deliverables that are a unique blend of our analysts' keen insights, industry experience and the most current information available
  • Unwavering integrity and relentless protection of client proprietary information
  • Small company agility, flexibility, speed and customer service with big company results

Background & History

Nerac began operating in 1966 as the New England Research Application Center, an experimental collaboration between the University of Connecticut and the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA).
Over time, Nerac broadened its technology resources to encompass the full spectrum of engineering, scientific and business disciplines. In 1985, Nerac separated from the University of Connecticut and incorporated under the name Nerac, Inc. After having succeeded in its NASA-sponsored mission, Nerac separated from NASA in 1991.
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Today, Nerac is a Research and Advisory Firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Our team of cross disciplinary analysts serve as advisors and deliver custom assessments of product and technology development opportunities, competitive threats, Intellectual Property strategies, compliance requirements, and scientific review.
Our Analysts' thought leadership and expertise in many diverse industries and disciplines positions them to address our clients' most critical business, scientific and innovation challenges. Nerac's unique, cross-disciplinary research methodology allows our clients to leverage that expertise across their entire innovation cycle.
Nerac has grown from a trial-run experiment to a multi-million dollar corporation. As our services, partnerships and client base continue to grow, our goal remains the same; to provide valuable, actionable information to our clients, which in turn, fosters their continued growth and success.

 Nerac clients attest to our commitment to provide them with the highest quality service – Over 50% of the most innovative companies identified by Business Week(2008) partner with Nerac!
Our clients demonstrate our value in helping them:

  • Forecast emerging trends and new technologies
  • Reduce product development cycle times and use of unnecessary resources
  • Accelerate the pursuit of new market opportunities
  • Protect and leverage intellectual property assets
  • Innovate faster than the competition
  • Deploy core technologies in new applications

Management Team

Kevin Bouley, President & CEO

Since acquiring the company in 1999, President and CEO Kevin Bouley has guided steady growth that has more than doubled the company's size and garnered five consecutive Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50 awards given to Connecticut companies.
As one of the primary architects of Nerac's business model transformation, Bouley credits the company's success to a staff empowered via its ESOP culture. And his approach to organizational leadership carries over into the valuable services Nerac offers clients.
"As an entrepreneur and leader of an entrepreneurial organization, nothing thrills me more than seeing our fingerprints on the new products and applications our customers bring to market," Mr. Bouley says. "We celebrate and take pride in our client's victories as though they were our own."
Mr. Bouley, who has spent his entire career at Nerac, worked in sales and various accounting positions for seven years before being promoted to Vice President in 1987. Since then, he has been acquiring, developing and honing the skills that have made him an effective leader.
A Connecticut native, Mr. Bouley holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Connecticut. He is past president for the Association of Information and Dissemination Centers (ASIDIC), and he is president of the National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS). He also serves on the University of Connecticut School of Engineering Advisory Board and the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) Board, and he has served on the boards of the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA).

Betsy Petrie, Vice President of Operations

Betsy Petrie is an experienced business manager who became Nerac's Vice President of Operations in 2006. She has successfully guided the company's strategic growth initiatives, including talent acquisition and organizational structure, as well as initiating strategic partnerships with domestic and international companies.
Ms. Petrie joined Nerac as Operations Manager in 1993. She later became Director of Human Resources and was promoted to Vice President of Operations.
She holds a bachelor's degree in business management from Elm's College in Chicopee, Mass. Ms. Petrie is active in various local civic and business organizations.


Syndicated Market Research Report | Clean Coal Technologies

This report is designed for use by readers with a need to understand where the clean coal market is headed and what technologies and companies are involved in it. The report and its analysis should be of interest to executives of companies involved in or seeking to become involved in the clean coal market, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and others who might be affected by the direction of clean coal technologies in the next four years, as well as to members of the coal and power generation industries.

Learn more here.

Analyst Insights | The Nerac Strategist

Welcome to The Nerac Strategist, a publication offering a business, scientific and intellectual property outlook on important trends in bio-pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy, specialty chemistry and food and nutraceuticals.

The Nerac Strategist delivers a quarterly business perspective on rapidly developing industry issues, compliance hurdles and commercial opportunities to help keep you abreast of the ever-changing business dynamics that are critical to your continued growth and success.

We invite you to join us as we continue to explore news and trends in technology, intellectual property and industry. Click here to learn more!

Analyst Insights | Industry Report | Functional Foods

Nerac invites you to download this new white paper written by Nerac Analysts Jeffrey Eberhard, Ph.D., and Irene Zajac, that examines the process of navigating the FDA's regulations for bringing new products to market as functional foods.

New chemical and biological substances intended for use in humans are subject to regulation by the FDA unless specifically exempted. This report outlines the requirements for each potential option, with discussion of the relevant advantages and drawbacks of each potential pathway. Click here to read more.

Analyst Insights | Industry Report | Technology Fusion - Medical Devices

The term "technology fusion" describes the innovative combination of differing technologies to produce new inventions. Good examples include the combination of satellite communications with automotive technology to produce vehicle guidance products such as OnStar and GPS devices, the combination of power generation and distribution with communications to produce the modern smart grid, and the incorporation of business application software with communications to create networked business applications such as enterprise resource planning systems.

The medical device industry has recently seen technology fusion in two important areas:
• Medical devices and communications
• Medical devices and energy harvesting

This report examines the dynamics and opportunities associated with the fusion of medical device and communications technologies. It begins with a review of the trends within the fusing technology areas that are enabling remote patient monitoring (RPM) and then moves to an assessment of associated business opportunities and issues. Click here to read more.

Philosophy & Culture

Innovative people that want to have an impact, work at Nerac.

A growing firm with a start-up mentality, Nerac actively seeks out talent capable of moving our organization forward in the research industry.

Our analysts work across multiple industries, in business, technology and Intellectual Property, directly impacting a company's ability to succeed in a continually shifting market landscape.

Who is Nerac? Nerac is a composite of scientists, engineers, PhDs and MBA's that look to move beyond the lab and affect change at core levels of an organization.

  • Entrepreneurs: As an ESOP organization, our employees are empowered to be effective value-add partners, equally responsible for Nerac's success. Personal stakes move beyond salary and into the fabric of our culture.
  • Collaborators: Working in teams across industries and disciplines we ensure that solutions are fully vetted and dependable.
  • Intellectuals: An advanced degree will only get a person so far. It's not just the level of the degree, but the curiosity, creativity and originality of thought that is brought to the solution process which is valued here.
  • Visionaries: Continuous improvement necessitates the ability to move beyond the standard and raise the bar. To do that Nerac Employee-Owners have to possess the insight required to go beyond the “now”.

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