CT iHub


iHUB Features

1. Personal Profile

Any individual that registers with the CTiHUB can create a unique profile. This profile can include any business or personal information, photos and other graphics, chat with business professionals, friends, receive and respond to messages. This Profile Page is a social networking area similar to Facebook or LinkedIn.

2. Business Profile

Any company that registers with the CTiHUB can create a unique company profile. This area is used primarily by businesses, universities and agencies to create a page with public or private access. This page can be used to inform or collaborate with others internally or externally. Some of the available tools on this page include the ability to store and share documents, add calendar events, create news items, blogs, and photo galleries, a place to link to project pages and more.

3. Project Pages

Once a profile (work space) is created a project page can be linked to it.This area can be made public or invited members only.This is a page where a business can collaborate on a project by sharing and storing documents, calendaring, and utilizing a project management tool that can produce project outlines, assign tasks, and support ticket tracking.This will streamline product development, project implementation and customer support efficiently in real time.

4. Document Management

Store, share and manage documents and document revisions through your profile, work space and project space. Provide a repository where your members can download important documents.

5. Follow Activity

Meet potential business partners, research suppliers and vendors, or research collaborative partners in both the public and private sectors. “Follow” the companies directly impacting your market or research upcoming technologies and innovation. Content is sent in a compressed form over the Internet and is displayed in real time. Keep your members abreast of events and important announcements in real time

6. Event Publication

An upcoming event can be publicized through an iHub profile. Full calendaring allows you to add upcoming events and track events that could impact your business.

7. Alerts

Configurable email alerts (never, often, daily, weekly, monthly) allow you to view updates posted by your members or friends.

8. Photo Galleries

Upload single or multiple photos and create albums. Share your product, event, company or marketing images, organize and archive past information.

9. Blogs

Handle press releases, customer education and product announcements with ease. Reach out to your customers, friends, associates and business partners directly. Organize and archive past information creating an easily accessible library of information.

10. Webcasts

Webcasts can easily be managed through your iHub business profile. You can schedule and announce upcoming webcasts, allowing interested parties worldwide to follow your company

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