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Small Business Express Matching Grant Program

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Small Business Express Matching Grant Program

Eligible Applicants
- Employ not more than 50 employees
- Connecticut-based business with operations in Connecticut
- Registered to conduct business in this state for at least 12 months
- Be in good standing on all state and local taxes

- Economic-based industries
- Businesses likely to maintain job growth

Eligible Expenditures
- Training
- Working capital
- Purchase of machinery and equipment
- Construction or leasehold improvements
- Relocation within the state
- Other business-related expenses as authorized by the Commissioner of DECD

Terms and Conditions
- Grant amounts from $10,000 to a maximum of $100,000
- Business must match state grant award dollar for dollar
- DECD prioritizes on likelihood of applicant maintaining job growth

*Note: In most cases, applications will be reviewed, approved and funded, if applicable within 30 days of complete application submission.

To apply please complete and submit the Application form located at www.ct.gov/ecd and click on Small Business Express Program.The Program Procedures and Guidelines will assist with the application process.

For additional information or questions please contact Michelle Lugo at (860) 270-8052 or via email at Michelle.Lugo@ct.gov

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