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Who are we?

Premier resource for technology-driven growth through a proven track record of accomplishments in the hands-on application of technology, know-how, and the forging of strategic relationships.

Our Mission
To add value to our members by increasing profitability and creating economic growth on Long Island.


is a non-for-profit economic development organization working with the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR®) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). LIFT serves as NYSTAR’s designated Regional Technology Development Center for Long Island and one of nearly 350 MEP locations across the country.

LIFT has an industry-driven initiative structure, providing Long Island businesses with networking opportunities, access to enabling technologies, hands-on assistance and a wide range of programs directed at creating an environment for innovation, lowering the cost of operations and increasing growth, focused on creating Long Island’s future.

LIFT supports the defense and aerospace, medical device and healthcare, homeland security, energy, information technology and manufacturing clusters of the Long Island economy. We partner with local companies, organizations, Universities and the National Laboratory Systems.


More than 35 years ago, Long Island leaders recognized the need for an organization that would focus its resources and mission on the development of science and technology-based industries in the region. This group of congressmen, college presidents, regional association presidents and technology industry executives noted the availability of a large, well-educated and sophisticated population, enlightened business, labor and government leaders, a concentration of top quality research institutions, and outstanding secondary public school system buttressed by top rated institutions of higher learning, and a physical and cultural climate conducive to a high quality lifestyle. There was no program in place to harness these strengths to power Long Island's economic development.

Responding to this need, on June 24, 1976, former Hazeltine CEO David Westermann, Polytechnic University President George Bugliarello, former Instruments for Industry President Elston Swanson and former Assistant to the President at Polytechnic Arthur Rossoff founded the Long Island Forum for Technology as a not-for-profit membership organization.

In 1989, LIFT was designated as the Technology Development Organization (TDO) for Long Island by the New York State Science and Technology Foundation now known as NYSTAR®’s designated Regional Technology Development Center for Long Island; one of nearly 350 MEP locations across the country and is sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR). In August of 1994, LIFT was recognized and awarded a federal grant as the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center for Long Island. This award supports LIFT as it provides direct, on-site engineering expertise to small and medium sized manufacturers. These designations were reaffirmed in 2001 for an additional five years.

LIFT serves the aerospace and defense, homeland security, medical device, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and information system industries. The organization also integrated the promotion of the use of alternative fuels and energy sources into its core mission. LIFT is a dynamic and flexible organization. It responds to the opportunities and challenges of the region, the nation and the globe. LIFT has facilitated the establishment of the Technology Roundtable and the Manufacturing Roundtables to provide for the sharing of technology and processes across industry segments for the eventual creation of new products and services.

In 2006 New York State allocated $25 million for the establishment of an Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security (ASFHS). LIFT is managing this cutting-edge economic development project. In 2008 New York State again allocated $15 million for the establishment of an Advanced Manufacturing and Material Technology Innovation Center (AMMTIC), which will open in 2013, Plainview. LIFT, as the Center’s Operational Manager, will help the state and individual companies become a world-class supplier of advanced composite products for this growing world market.

LIFT has worked closely with local and state DoL Professionals in efforts to create the workforce needed by local industries. This collaboration resulted in DoL’s recognition of LIFT as the regional “intermediary”, honest broker, (NYS DoL’s term is Manufacturing Sector Intermediary) transforming Workforce, Education and Industry. In 2008, LIFT was awarded two important workforce grants aimed at improving the way the region prepares its workforce from elementary education through incumbent and displaced worker training by creating an industry demand educational system.

In 2009, LIFT mourned the passing of one of its founding members and its president, Ken Morrelly. Ken will be greatly missed by all at LIFT as an industry leader, as the driving force behind the establishment of the ASFHS, and as a friend.

In 2010, LIFT fulfilled Ken Morrelly's dream by moving headquarters into the newly created ASFHS. To honor Ken's vision, on March 15, 2010, the building was rechristened The Morrelly Center for Homeland Security. The Foundation is the first of its kind - a public and private partnership dedicated to securing our homeland through the development and deployment of innovative technologies. It is a homeland security research hub that brings together operational capability with industry and academia to collaborate and develop advanced technology for homeland security solutions. LIFT is proud to be involved in such an important undertaking with the help of all our partners in this endeavor.

LIFT has also formed the Rail Alliance to harness the knowledge, skill and capability of Long Island’s regional rail cluster to develop a larger market for our products and services and to provide a platform and support for Long Island small business teams to bid on large procurement opportunities in rail road infrastructure, logistics and security.

LIFT looks forward to a bright future of new projects with our clients, our members, and our industry, academic and government partners. We want you to be a featured player in the next chapter of our story! Contact us and see how you can get involved, whether it's to help your business succeed, or to help us to create history. LIFT is a 35 year old not-for-profit economic development organization that provides Long Island’s manufacturing and technology businesses with networking opportunities, access to enabling technologies, hands-on applications of technology, know- how and a wide range of programs directed at fostering an environment for innovation, lowering the cost of operations, increasing growth and forging relationships, while . . . Bringing Markets to Technology.

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