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The flip side of addiction.

Friday morning

Namaste Judson,

I heard your pitch last night at the Anylan Center and wanted so speak to you but didn't see you in the lobby. You & I already have one thing in common, in that I pitched my company to the CVG gathering in January. But that's not why I'm writing you; it's more personal.

I have gone >18 months without a cigarette (finally!) and over a year without marijuana. One big thing that has helped me stay clean is a weekly 12-Step program sponsored by the Buddhist Faith Fellowship in Middletown. We use meditation and discussions revolving around the Noble 8-Fold Path plus a modified version of the classic 12 Steps. One does not need to be a Buddhist to participate, nor is it intended for any one addiction so we have many types who attend (alcohol, pot, heroin, food, pills, etc). It's a small group, warm and supportive; maybe a dozen out of ~20 regulars will show up every Monday evening from 7:00 to 8:30.

By coincidence, our latest meeting on the 11th ended with an impromptu discussion about meditation techniques, as several spoke of their difficulty simply following their breath for 10 or 15 minutes. We intended to discuss how to deal with this next week, the 18th. Then I heard you speak about your work, and wondered if you had had any insights into helping people in recovery, techniques that might help some of us stay clean and/or meditate more effectively.

If so, would you or (a colleague) consider attending one of our meetings to talk about your work and perhaps lead a workshop on mindfulness techniques? Would you require a stipend or mileage reimbursement? I'm pretty sure I could get the group to welcome you, I know it's a long drive and a lot to ask, but just the little bit I heard in your 3-minute pitch got me thinking about how much you could help our group in its mission. I'd be happy to talk about this on the phone.

Thank you for listening.

Reverend Brian Noonan
Justice of the Peace

Many paths, one mountaintop

Brian Noonan photo
Brian Noonan

6 years ago

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