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November 30

Christine Gemelli @Deborah Day: Is your team ok with doing their SRR on Dec 13 at 4pm? The Sikorsky Mentors need time to get to the school. Just let me know so I can confirm your time. Thanks!

9 years ago

October 06

Deborah Day contributed to Profile Message

9 years ago

September 28

Deborah Day: Hi, Amity added 4 Team Members: Helen, Ben, TJ and Ming. Please confirm that you have received this info and they are in the system. Ths

9 years ago • 1 comment

Christine Gemelli photo

Christine Gemelli @Deborah Day in reply to Deborah Day: They are in the system! and I have "Friended" those that have joined so far. Thanks!

9 years ago

September 21

Christine Gemelli @Deborah Day: Welcome to the iHUB? Please let me know if you have any questions. Christine

9 years ago

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