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Who are we?

We serve the venture and angel capital community, and technology companies ranging from start-ups to growth stage in Connecticut. Our chapters, located in Hartford, New Haven and Stamford, sponsor events year-round.

About CVG
The Crossroads Venture Group (CVG) is a voluntary professional organization that is committed to connecting leading Venture Investment Professionals with high-growth emerging companies. Our mission is to assist the development of these high growth enterprises through the promotion of capital formation in Connecticut.

How We Began
CVG was founded in 1974 by some of this country’s pioneer venture capitalists for the purpose of creating a forum for business-venturing opportunities and soon became a significant catalyst for funding Connecticut-based entrepreneurial companies as well as generally promoting venturing activity in the State.

How We’re Funded
CVG is funded through our individual and corporate memberships, as well as, various sponsorships.

How We’re Managed
CVG is managed by a Board of Directors that sets policy, develops statewide events, and oversees three chapters in Stamford, Hartford and New Haven. Each chapter has a board responsible for local networking and informational events.

Why join CVG?
With over 400 members and 20 exciting events a year, CVG is now the model for over 100 organizations around the world.

All our events offer our members the opportunity to meet Connecticut’s movers and shakers and to share their ideas and experiences with entrepreneurs, investors and professional service providers.

Contact Us
If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea or an investor looking to meet Connecticut’s movers and shakers, let us hear from you! Click here for contact info

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222 Pitkin St. Suite 113
East Hartford CT 06108
(860) 282-4978