Connecticut Additive Manufacturing Innovation Program

Connecticut Additive Manufacturing Innovation Program

Purpose – The purpose of this program is to provide approximately 25 small- and medium-sized Connecticut businesses with access to the additive manufacturing facilities at UConn over the next two years, so that they can evaluate the potential that additive manufacturing has to enhance the quality, speed and breadth of their product development. Companies will be required to submit a brief white paper with a description of the proposed project, as detailed below. Awards will be selected on a competitive basis depending on the potential of the project for innovation and economic impact. Criteria for selection will include: 1) expected financial and jobs impact to the company and the State; 2) the degree to which the project advances the science & technology of additive manufacturing; and 3) the degree to which the project enables an efficiency gain or a new and novel product that increases business competitiveness.

The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMIC) was established at the University of Connecticut in April 2013 in partnership with Pratt & Whitney to advance metals-based additive manufacturing research and development. The center houses state-of-the-art equipment including two Arcam A2X electron beam melting machines, one EOS laser sintering system (EOS M270), and 1 CNC-controlled wire electrical discharge machining machine. Currently, the center provides additive manufacturing for two alloys – Titanium Alloy Ti6Al-4V and Inconel 718. The maximum size of components that can be manufactured with Inconel is about 220 mm x 220 mm x 190 mm and for Ti-6Al-4V it is 200 mm x 200 mm x 380 mm.

Program Requirements – Selected projects will be funded up to a maximum of $4,000 by the program; $3,000 of this from CTNEXT and $1,000 from UConn. Participating companies will be required to provide the remainder of the total project cost, or 20% of the total project cost, whichever is larger, as cost share. Total project costs will vary depending on size and complexity.

Services at the AMIC will be charged at a combined flat rate of $150/hour, which includes both labor and non-personnel costs. Powder (raw material) will be charged additionally, based on actual usage. Metal powders for the above machines currently cost approximately $100 per pound. Hourly rates and powder costs are subject to review and adjustment without notice.

Participating companies will interact with AMIC staff during the project execution. Following the project execution, participating companies will be asked to provide program feedback and possibly to participate in program outreach activities.

Application Process – Interested companies should submit the following application material, with all questions answered fully, through the CT Innovations iHub website, by February 28, 2014. Applicants will be notified of decisions approximately one month following the submission deadline.

Application Form - Click Here to Download

Scoring Criteria (for reference only) - Click Here to Download

How to Start

  1. Please read the Program Purpose and Description (at left)
  2. Become a member of the CTiHUB-Register here
  3. Contact the the iHUB manager - - & request a private page be created for your company so you can submit your forms
  4. Download and fill out an Application form (above)
  5. Upload the completed Application including the white paper section
  6. The project is reviewed and scored by an outside Reviewer Group and you will receive an email if your project is approved or not
  7. Project Funding agreement executed
  8. Funding Approval
  9. Project Starts

Additional Information – For additional information or questions about this program, or to request an estimate of project costs, please contact Jafar Razmi at or 860.486.0678.

Acknowledgement – This program is supported by Connecticut Innovations through their CTNEXT program and by UConn’s Office of Economic Development through the Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program. The support from these two programs is gratefully acknowledged.

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