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An innovation community is only as good as the PEOPLE that comprise it. So join us. It's easy, worthwhile, and can even be fun. Customize your own profile with images and videos, then cosider starting your own blog to share thoughts, perspectives and insights with others.

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    keegan martin
    East Hartford, CT
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    Montique Cotton kelly
    Mansfield Center, CT
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    Christie Barbera
    Middlebury, CT
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    ibibia a
    Hartford, CT
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    Fiona Qin
    W Hartford, CT

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    Barb Lesh


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    Craig McBurney Senior Advisor

    Connecticut Corsair

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    Christine Gemelli

    Connecticut Innovations

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    Heidi Bieber

    Connecticut Innovations

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    Ariel Drew

    Connecticut Innovations

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    Bob Colgan
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